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Tired of all the calls?

Telemarketers use large phone number databases to target random people like you, often calling with random offers and potential scams. Most of the time, they have no idea what they are selling you, but they sure want to sell it.

With CallWall, you can block any of these calls on the first ring and not have to worry about telling the telemarketer that you don't have time or interest in their repetitive offers. The busy tone should make things clear.

With customizable Blacklists, Whitelists, Netlists and automatic Address Book integration; CallWall is all the arsenal you will need to defend yourself against these random calls.


Check the Address Book, first

With automatic Address Book integration, you get notifications with the full names of callers in your Address Book, including their photo (when using Growl) and you don't have to worry about their calls ever being blocked.


Powerful rules-based filtering

CallWall features fully customizable black and white lists with wildcard matching and multiple rule options. You can specify blocks by name, number, area code, country code and much more! And finally, you can block all those "PRIVATE" calls.

Guess what? CallWall also works with stalkers and infatuated girlfriends.


Let CallWall do the talking

When using a Voice-capable modem, such as the modem included with newer Macs (G5 or later), CallWall can send a customizable voice message to blocked callers using your Mac's text-to-speech feature.

CallWall can also play back a special information tone (SIT) to the unwanted caller. This tone should fool automated systems into thinking your line is no longer connected.


Online blacklists (Netlists)

CallWall features WhoCalled.Us online blacklisting, allowing CallWall to block telemarketing and other unsolicited calls automatically.


iTunes integration

CallWall can automatically pause your iTunes music when a valid call comes in.


Growl notifications

Growl integration allows CallWall to display notifications of incoming and blocked calls right on your computer screeen without getting in the way of your work. Get Growl.


Call scheduling

CallWall can block certain callers at a time you set, or block all callers at night, for example. Now you can sleep peacefully.

CallWall features a convenient call log that you can easily check for missed or blocked calls. With a single click you can block or whitelist any call.


Works with most modems

CallWall supports most Caller ID enabled modems. If your modem isn't working, let us know!

Not sure what modem to get for CallWall? Apple's external USB modem works great!

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.4 or later
  • A Caller ID capable modem
  • Caller ID service from your telephone provider

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