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PlayStation 3 + Mac integration made easy

Your PlayStation 3 has been craving the media on your Mac. Finally, complete Macintosh and Playstation 3 integration is upon us.

Enjoying your media through the PlayStation 3 has never been this easy, on any platform -- and the Mac isn't just any platform. Its our favorite platform, so we've taken great care to create a seamless solution.


iTunes in your living room

With MediaLink's flawless iTunes integration, getting to your songs on your PlayStation 3 is just as easy as it is on your Mac. Find any song, album or artist with ease in the Mac-like navigation system provided by MediaLink. MediaLink also conveniently shares your Playlists, Podcasts and Videos to your PlayStation 3.

Made a change to your Playlists? No problem, MediaLink will pick it up automatically in a few seconds and reflect that change on your PlayStation 3.


iPhoto in vivid HD

With MediaLink, you can view your iPhoto photo library and slideshows on your television screen, they're especially beautiful in vivid high definition.

Browse by photo album, event or watch a slideshow to the tune of your favorite song, its all easy and fun! Want some motion? Watch your iPhoto videos too!


HD video streaming

Make your PlayStation 3 your home media center. MediaLink can stream high definition video content to your living room with ease!

Continue movies from where you left off or fast forward and rewind, all effortlessly using your PlayStation 3 and MediaLink.


On the fly transcoding

MediaLink is now able to transcode most unsupported video and image formats into a PS3-compatible format on the fly. This means you no longer need to convert certain videos before being able to play them on your PlayStation 3. You can also now optionally transcode all videos and images, which will enable down-scaling videos and images for slower network connections.


Take your media with your PSP

If you have a PSP, you can enjoy all your media from anywhere in the world using remote play via the Internet with your PlayStation 3 and MediaLink.


Organize your way

Don't use iTunes or iPhoto? Do you have media stored outside your libraries? No problem! MediaLink has full folder organization support. MediaLink can easily locate music, photos and videos in any folder on your Mac and even preview it and collect ID3 information from your songs. Just select the folders you want MediaLink to share and you will instantly be able to access them from your PlayStation 3.


Easy Transfers

Using MediaLink, you can also easily copy media from your Mac to your PlayStation 3's internal hard drive.

What's new in v2.66?

  • Fixed preferences/access to folders on prefpane version
  • Fixed code signing on prefpane version
  • Fixed issue with upgrading of Helper while process is active
  • Fixed iPhoto source All Photos not showing
  • Fixed sorting of iPhoto Albums/Events
  • Fixed restart system preferences dialog on OS X 10.7

Aperture support!

MediaLink now fully supports Aperture 2.0+ libraries via the Aperture source!

Album art

Beautiful album art

MediaLink displays your music's album art, photo and video thumbnails using QuickLook technology.

Supported Formats

  • MP3, AAC, WMA, WAV
  • iTunes Plus
  • H.264, DIVX, XVID

System Requirements

  • OS X 10.7.5 or later (separate download for 10.6 available)
  • A PlayStation 3 with a network connection
  • iTunes 9 or later for iTunes sharing (free download from Apple's site)
  • iPhoto '08 or later for iPhoto sharing (part of Apple's iLife suite)
  • Aperture 2.0 or later for Aperture photo sharing

Some iTunes Music Store purchased content is DRM-protected and is not supported. MediaLink is not licensed, supported, endorsed or produced by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. ("SCEI"). All trademarks are property of their respective owners. Memory Stick, Playstation 3, PSP and the "PSP" logo are registered trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Mac, the Mac logo, iTunes, iPhoto, Aperture and OS X are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.