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Introducing MoviePod

So you got the new video-enabled iPod. You've got your own movies. Why can't you watch them on your new iPod?

MoviePod saves you the trouble of having to manually convert your movies in order to play them on your iPod. With MoviePod, converting a movie takes a single Drag & Drop!


Solid iTunes integration

MoviePod can automatically add converted movies to a playlist of your choice and update your iPod.

You can queue up as many movies for conversion as you like and when you return, MoviePod will have them all ready to go on your iPod.


Easy as pie, solid as stone

As with all of our software, MoviePod has been designed to be super easy to use. MoviePod fully conforms to Mac OS X application interface guidelines and just feels right!

MoviePod supports multiple resolutions and deinterlacing as well as varied audio and video compression settings to save you disk space or to give you the best possible video quality.

Behind all this though, is the tested, proven and fine-tuned movie conversion process used in our widely-acclaimed PSPWare product.


Click for PC

If you're looking for the Windows version of MoviePod, click here!

Supported Formats

  • ASF, WMV
  • VOB, DV, FLC
  • Other QuickTime plugins

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later
  • A 5th generation video iPod or newer
  • iTunes 6 or later

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