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Its a revolution

NewsTicker is the news reading revolution. We don't think you should go out and find news, we think they should find you, and only those news that you are interested in. None of that spam stuff!


Your iPod's new best friend

With NewsTicker, you can auto-sync* RSS feed updates to your iPod, so that you can read your headlines even when you are away from your computer!


Like a swiss army knife

NewsTicker's display and behavior is highly customizable, you can set your own styles, colors and much more!

Under the hood, NewsTicker takes advantage of Apple's Quartz display technology to give you real time transparency, super-smooth scrolling and tons of useful eye candy!


Walkie talkie

NewsTicker is both voice-activated and speech capable! You can use it from anywhere in the room to listen to or view your news!

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.3 or later
  • 2nd generation or newer iPod for iPod sync

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